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What is the difference between PDF and a Word document?

Both PDF and Word documents are the most popular and excessively used document formats. The word processing program, word application as a “Multi-Tool Word” came out in 1983. Allowing the users to customize and edit data as per need is an editable format. 

After many successful updates, it is now available in the latest version 2008. PDF, released in 1993 by Adobe Systems, is a non-editable document viewer. This format allows its users to share and read the files with ease and security.

The Word program has a number of features that a person can use to fulfill the requirements of the document. It lets you choose from a variety of font styles and colors. These font styles and colors can be used to personalize the text.

To have a broader look at differences between PDF and Word Document let have the detail of both the software below:

PDF Document

The term PDF stands for ‘portable document file’, in this format the file created is for “read-only” purpose. The changes in PDF could only be made by marking an electronic footprint in it. Hence, it is the best choice for legal documents due to its read-only property. 

The PDF occupies comparatively less storage than Word documents could also be stored on company servers, are portable, and easily be added to any platform. And thus the worry of additional storage needs can be avoided.

Pros & Cons

The best thing about keeping files in PDF is that you don’t have to worry about the security of your digital files. The reason why you don’t have to worry about the file’s security is you can add extra security layers to it after you are done editing it.

Where there is day there is also night, same is the case everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. So does the PDF format have its cons as well? Most notably the bloating of files containing heavy graphics or images?

But there is also a key to this problem, by optimizing the file through PDF-authoring software, which minimizes the size of your file. You can optimize the file for online browsing. This will transform artwork to low-resolution JPEG files, or for printing. It also requires a higher resolution and a larger file size. 

You should usually use a low-quality setting if you intend to append a PDF to an email, but regardless of the settings, you should preview the document in Adobe Reader to make sure it looks good.

Sometimes the greatest benefit of PDF “read-only” files, turns out to be an issue when you need to modify or edit your document. Mostly the content in PDF documents can’t be edited, extracted, copied or printed even if you set the permissions allowing to perform these actions unless you use Adobe Acrobat Standard.

The PDF file can be edited in different ways, like converting a convert pdf to word docs with PDF to word converter and with the online PDF editor.

Word Document

Word’s .doc and .docx formats are highly popular options for creating and sharing files owing to the exceptional use of Microsoft Office. This format can freely be edited and offers versatile features.  

Using the change Styles tool, you can change the writing styles, colors, and fonts. You can apply borders to the text and split it into two to three columns using the ‘Page Layout’ feature. Also apply ‘Page Color’ to the background, which can make the text seem more appealing.

One may also attach the images in the document for artistic results. Before the release of Microsoft office 2007 only the .doc format was accessible. The most recent update also has encryption enhancements that shield the contents of the document from tampering.

Microsoft launched two new document formats,.docx and .docm, with Office 2007. Docx is the current mainstream native format, and unlike.doc files, it does not allow macros to be used. .docm is however needed to use macros in your file.

Just as the PDF has, the Word document has its cons as well. For instance, the Macros, or custom-written programs that run within a folder may be included in the files. Macros can do a lot of things and on the other hand, can contain viruses or other malware, so opening a .doc file from an unknown source puts the computer at risk. You can also convert a word file into a pdf file using the online word to pdf converter.

.docx is more preferable to.doc if you wish to share your file in a secure way. Moreover, the users that have older copies of Word will be unable to open the files. Unless they use a conversion tool.

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