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WordPress site force-update plugin bugs

Are you worried about the updates of the WordPress Plugins used for your company website? Recently, more than two million WordPress sites had a forced security update because of a severe bug in a plugin used for backing up the data. The bug could have let the hackers and unauthorized users download the backup of the WordPress sites. Nobody wants to run the risk of ruining the unique website. So, to perform the update on your WordPress site, hire WordPress programmer who can help you understand the flaws of the website.

WordPress CMS is always improving its functionalities for the users. The team of WordPress is always looking for ways to improve the platform and add new features and stay updated with the emerging technologies and security standards. In fact, the same goes for the WordPress Plugin. If the Plugin owner is dependable and concerned with producing a quality product, they will release a regular update to improve the security and functionality. So, in this post, we will be discussing the forced update on the WordPress sites to fix the security flaws.

What is UpdraftPlus?

It’s one of the most widely used WordPress backup plugins. As data backup to Google Drive and other cloud services is streamlined, the entire process is made simpler. Users can schedule regular backups using the plugin. Bugs can still affect it, though.

What was the critical vulnerability in the WordPress Plugin?

To fix a serious vulnerability of the WordPress sites, a security update for the UpdraftPlus Plugin was released. The bug, in the opinion of the developers, was critical enough to justify a forced update. WordPress site backups may be easily downloaded and restored with UpdraftPlus. During an internal audit of UpdraftPlus, developers at JetPack discovered a flaw caused by a missing permissions check that may provide unauthorized users access to such backups.

Administrators should typically be the only ones with access to them. Around 1.7 million websites downloaded the update, according to UpdraftPlus. So, to remove such critical vulnerabilities from your site, avail of WordPress Development services. 

Why Do We Need a Compulsory Patch?

Because the problem was so serious, UpdraftPlus engineers asked for the required patch. Customers and others with accounts on your exposed website may download the private database if you neglect to update it. Sadly, the database contains private information regarding clients or security preferences. Your website will be subject to significant data breaches if you don’t update it. 

How Secure is your WordPress site?

One of the most widely used platforms for web developers is WordPress. Through the accessible plugins, customization is simple. However, is it safe? If you routinely update it, it is secure. However, thousands of WordPress websites are compromised every year. However, the compromised websites weren’t updated frequently. They also make use of weak passwords.

If you have outdated plug-ins installed, you should update them or remove them if you no longer need them. Plugins, however, are not advised by experts because they open a new door for malevolent actors. So, to protect your website, hire WordPress Programmer from a reputed web development agency.

How to Prevent Your WordPress Site from the Malicious Attacks?

We all ensure that our website should be safe from critical flaws. Still, it becomes the prey of hackers. So, there are several points one can take to secure the website from flaws in the future.

Verify the Security of All Passwords

Make sure you use strong passwords and, if you haven’t already, reset all of the passwords associated with your website, not just the WordPress admin password. You can require users to use secure passwords by using a security plugin. To make it more difficult for hackers to create accounts, you may also implement two-factor authentication on your website.

Maintain Your Website

It’s crucial to maintain your website current. You should execute that update each time your theme, plugins, or WordPress gets an update because it frequently includes security patches. Moreover, you can take help from a specialist to enable the automatic update by editing the wp-config.php file or installing the plugin on your site. A security plugin will alert you when you need to execute an update if you’d prefer not to do that because you want to test updates first. Make sure you update your website correctly, make a backup, and if you have one test update on a staging server.

Delete Any Unsafe Plugins or Themes

In the future, before installing plugins for WordPress, make sure they have been tested with your version of the platform and that you are downloading them from a reliable source.

Never be lured to install free plugins and themes from third-party websites; always use the theme and plugin directories. Check the reputation of the plugin provider if you’re purchasing premium themes or plugins, and seek recommendations.

Install Security Plugin

A security plugin you install on your website will alert you to any unusual activity. This could involve unauthorized logins or the inclusion of erroneous files. Once more, to determine the cause of the issue, consult the plugin’s warning. Moreover, the security plugin keeps all the suspicious things away from your website. 

Clean WordPress Installation

Delete any installed but inactive plugins or themes that you may have. It’s time to delete any files or outdated WordPress installations that are currently present in your hosting environment. Additionally, remove any databases you aren’t utilizing. In fact, you can get wordpress development services to clean your website from malicious flaws.

Wrapping up

Hence, we have a discussion about the forced update of the Updraftplus plugin of WordPress to secure the critical flaws. So, if you are also facing any critical vulnerability on your WordPress website, hire WordPress programmer to remove the severe flaws. We advise you to verify the UpdraftPlus plugin version that your website is running, and if it falls within the impacted range, update it. In fact, we advise you to create a security strategy for your website that entails checking for dangerous files and performing backups.

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