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10 Key Home Loan Terms You Need to Understand

Many people always view buying a property as a long-term investment goal. Knowing key information about getting a home loan to buy a house is therefore necessary. In standard of work terms, a home loan helps you find the house you want to buy. Such funding may be reimbursed to banks or financial organizations through EMIs, or equal monthly payments. The principal and interest portions of the loan amount are included in the EMI. Moreover, there are two sorts of interest rates that you pay: fixed rate and adjustable rate. The majority of lenders either offer fixed rate or variable rate facilities. Whether it be the interest rate on a  home loan, or any other lender’s rate.

Also keep in mind that house loan transactions contain a variety of lingo. The phrases given below are intended to help you better grasp the idea of home loans.  And enhance communication between both lenders and borrowers. The top 10 terms used most commonly during the home loan procedure are:



Once a legal agreement is signed promising to pay back the loan amount in regular payment together with interest on the loan amount, banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) are normally ready to lend money to applicants. The lender has indeed calculated and chosen the amount. The borrower must start making payments (known as EMIs or Equated Monthly Installments) as soon as the loan balance sum is cleared.

Although the lender may decide to offer the EMI option for up to 15 or 20 years, borrowers typically have the option to pre-close their house loan by making a large repayment of the existing loan component. It is imperative that you calculate your EMI and then apply for a loan if necessary. Only utilize 20% to 25% of your income savings for EMIs as a professional exercise, and be sure to keep the remainder aside for disasters and future demand.


Margins or a deposit

It is critical to understand that no bank or financial organization will pay your house loan totally. Nearly 80% of the value of your property will be funded by the lender, the remaining 20% will be arranged by the loan borrower. The bank will give up to Rs 80 lakh if you intend to buy a home worth roughly Rs 1 crore; the remaining Rs 20 lakh loan must be secured by you and is known as the down payment or margin for a property loan.

Banks and financial organizations view these approaches to share risk and reduce credit risk. Therefore it is advised to confirm with your lender the required margin or down payment % as this can range from one bank to another depending on the applicant’s qualities.


Credit evaluation

Banks typically assess your ability to pay dividends the loan amount. The financial institution or bank will choose repayment period, interest rate, and credibility based on the loan amount. The banks have the authority to decide whether or not to disburse the loan, the precise loan amount, and the interest rate based on the mortgage, age, job, and several other criteria.

Before granting a loan, every bank investigates the borrower’s age, payment history, employment history, income, qualifications, employer’s reputation, and outstanding obligations. The group employs such processes to reduce the likelihood of default.

Early EMI

Partial disbursement of the loan profits occurs when only a portion of the house loan is disbursed and approved. Such partial loans are disbursed while the loan property is still being built. Up until the full disbursement of the mortgage, the applicant is only required to repay the interest on the amount of the loan that has been disbursed. Pre EMI refers to this interest period payment on a part of the money that has been disbursed. Up until the conclusion of the home renovation, the pre-EMI is paid. The drawback of it is that you might have to pay banks more interest if the finishing of your house is delayed.

Pre-approved real estate

Banks conduct a sanity check before accepting property loans. Based on the information freely available about the project, due diligence checks are carried out on estate or other projects. Buyers must be cautious of the Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware concept regardless of whether the lender has pre-approved the land or property. Hence, be aware of the fact that the pre-approved properties are totally safe for investments.

Before making an investment in real estate, it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice. To demonstrate whether the title to the property is clear, they attempt to draw a clear picture. Loans for home purchases are expensive purchases which should be thoroughly examined before being made.



Lenders or banks may ask you to hold some collateral or asset as security in order to grant a large sum as a loan. These assets have been used by bankers as security against borrower default on loan amount. Low interest rates are charged for loans made that use this type of security, and the security protects the lender. Typically, the property used as collateral for a home mortgage is the one for which the loan has been offered. The bank reserves the right to own the property in a situation in which the borrower is unable to pay the balance of the loan.

To recoup the balance of the outstanding mortgage, banks sell the property. It is the sole explanation why lenders only offer house loans for up to 75–90% of the value of the property. You should also bear in mind that since home values are thought to increase, borrowing up to 75 to 90 percent of the value of the home will guarantee a model also provides for the loan amount in the event that the borrower of the home loan skips.


A postdated check

The borrower provides the lending bank with a post-dated check for up to one or two years as part of the loan application process. In order to back up the EMI in the form of ECS, the bank uses these. A post-dated check is essentially an item that has a future date printed on it. As a result, such checks can only be cleared after the date that is mentioned herein.


Suspension letter

A sanction letter is a confirmation letter that often states whether you are qualified for a mortgage. Such papers only attest to your eligibility; they make no guarantees regarding the sum that will be awarded to you. Keep in mind that if there is a problem with the property connected title or any other problem.  A bank has the right to reject the loan payout. The loan balance the client is eligible for, the interest rate, the loan term.  And the amount of the EMI are all listed in the sanction letter (Equated Monthly Installments).


Differential interest rate

You should consider both the option of a floating rate and a fixed rate of interest when applying for a house loan. These three interest rate options are provided by the house loan interest rates from  lenders. When picking a fixed interest rate for a home loan in India, customers must pay a fixed EMI amount for the duration of the loan. On the other extreme, a floating interest rate fluctuates in accordance with the state of the market. The EMI figure is expected to rise if the current market rate rises, and vice versa.

The EMI will not vary with a fixed interest rate.  And the interest rate will also be locked at a higher end. However, applicants can readily gain from cheap interest and EMI elements when market rates are low so to the adjustable interest rate. The volatility of the market is totally based on floating interest rates.


Payment method

Banks agree to disburse the loan proceeds following the verification of all legal documentation. It associated with the applicant as well as the property. Loans may be paid in one of three ways: fully, substantially, or in advance. Advance disbursement arises when the bank will give the applicant the entire loan amount before the construction is finished. Banks hold a particular amount in addition to this, disburse half of it during construction. And then release the remainder once the project is finished. The borrower of the mortgage must pay the interest component on the amount. It disbursed up until the task is complete in order to get the partial disbursement.

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