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Factors to Consider Determining Mobile Game Development Cost

Mobile games generate revenue, are enjoyable to use, and are crucial for any web development company in ahmedabad. But what is it that makes a successful app? And, perhaps more importantly, what is the amount you have to invest in creating a mobile game?

As a marketer or a business owner, you need to calculate the approximate costs of developing mobile games if you have a plan in your head. It is, after all, one of the most important aspects of your business. How much do you need to invest, and how do you make the most of your overall cost? What are the most crucial aspects and areas?

Before answering all the questions above, let’s start with some crucial statistics! 

The market for Mobile Gaming Share and Statistics

There’s never been a perfect time to develop mobile game apps worldwide. Look at the picture of mobile games’ market share and the statistics!

  • According to a Statista study, US mobile gaming industry’s revenue was $18,250 in 2020, and we expect to see it reach $22,828 million in 2022.
  • The US mobile gaming market is expected to increase, creating more opportunities for exciting, innovative games. In the past two years, we have seen games such as COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile earn 500 million dollars in revenue and $2.6 billion in revenue by 2020.
  • By 2021 there would be 2,659.5 million gamers on mobile devices worldwide.
  • We can expect that mobile gaming revenues will increase by 2.9 percent CAGR in 2024…
  • More than 72 percent of smartphone users are gamers on their mobiles across the US.

The factors that affect the mobile game Development Cost

It is helpful to think about various aspects When developing a mobile game application. Let’s look at the factors that most affect developing a mobile game’s cost! If you want to make application for your business you can contact raindrops infoetch. It’s one of the top mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad

1. Pre-Development Costs

For structured Mobile games, development procedure developers develop an approach within the form of a Game Design Document (GDD) containing all game information. It’s an essential step since it is the basis of the whole project.

Creating a game design document requires time and effort that can lead to pre-development expenses. These costs can be measured by evaluating factors such as the cost per hour of work.

2. Platform

It is recommended to select iOS, Android, or both platforms. The platform you choose will significantly impact the cost of developing games and the revenue and reach for the games. Android development is more expensive than iOS. However, Android is more famous for mobile platforms.

If you decide to go with iOS, Apple gadgets’ administration and payment system are more costly. Single-platform development is cheaper than multi-platform development.

But, you can’t earn income from different platforms if you only choose one platform. The best solution is to select cross-platform app development to take advantage of every platform’s benefits.

3. Design

The design of a mobile game is an elaborate process. You can design the desired gamers, game levels, the game’s environment, and gameplay during this phase. The game’s app could cause several bugs and glitches if you don’t plan a well-designed design. Therefore, it is essential to take this process with care.

Many experts throughout the design and development process include UX/UI designers, architects, and game designers. The fees charged by these professionals are based on their abilities and their experience.

4. Game App Testing

The process of testing is essential, just like the development of games. For one thing, gamers can’t endure a handful of bugs.

So, ensure your game runs smoothly without issue and offers a pleasant user experience. Save your money to test the services provided by the game application development firm.

05. Genres and Categories

The development of mobile games cost is primarily based on whether you are creating the app as a simulation application, a social gaming app, or a simple game application. Game apps can be classified according to their level of complexity:

  • Casual 2D Games: These games with a low budget feature music and basic 2D graphics. Although they’re basic 2D games, these offer an excellent opportunity to scale up and increase players’ engagement rates.
  • Mini-Games Mini-games or casual games are simple solitary games that don’t require special skills. If you’d like to add more graphics or have higher expectations of the application, you might need to consider the creation of your budget.
  • Middle-Level Game: These mobile games have good graphics, stories, character models, and various levels. The variety and depth of the content increase the game’s replayability and keep players engaged for a more extended period.
  • Social Game: Multiple users play the games via social media platforms like Facebook. They are similar to browser games but gain access to user information in a limited way. Usually, developers develop these games using SDKs provided by social media platforms.
  • High-level games require an enormous budget, but you can make huge profits when you reach the right target audience. It is helpful to be careful about the game’s plan of attack, strategy, and design.
  • Game for Business: Modern businesses benefit from mobile games to enhance their team-building efforts. Mobile games are used as tools within the company to boost creativity, increase communication and make the work environment more fun and enjoyable. These games for multiplayer feature thrilling visuals, storyline music, and game levels with cross-platform compatible games.

1. Game Complexity

Once you’ve decided on the category of game and genre, you’ll be aware of the essential features of a game. It is sufficient if it’s a straightforward game that integrates social media.

But, if you’re creating a complex game, such as PUBG, You will have to include additional features such as the gyroscope, voice integration, and more. This will increase the game’s development costs.

2. Mobile Game Engine

Engines for games are a critical factor influencing the cost of developing games for mobile. So, selecting the appropriate engine is crucial since your mobile game’s success depends on the engine. You’ll need to choose the mobile game engine based on the characteristics, type, and category required in the game.

You can locate a variety of mobile game development engines on the market for app development. Every one of them has pros and pros. It would help if you chose depending on your needs.

How Much Does mobile game development cost?

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of developing mobile games is highly contingent on many factors, such as the preferred platform, the features and functions provided, the development tools, and the game’s scale. Additionally, the costs vary from one organization to another concerning geography and region.

If you’re planning to build games with complex graphics, capabilities, and compatible features with multiple platforms, it might cost more. The cost will be lower when you can meet fewer requirements.

How do you make money from a game App?

The main reason to add the option of monetizing the mobile game application is to make sure that when users download your app or frequently use it and pay you cash. The most well-liked ways to monetize your app for developing apps are listed below:

1. In-App Purchases

Most mobile app developers employ this monetization method, adding features to applications that require users to pay real money. These apps are free to users. However, some parts have users pay cash to use the feature.

2. Subscription

The most popular and straightforward method of monetization, subscription, is a method that requires users to pay a certain amount each month to access the app for a long time. It doesn’t matter how expensive the app is. If the application is well-designed and profitable, users will not mind paying the monthly subscription fee.

3. Advertising

It is probably not the most preferred method of monetization for those who are avid players. In the end, no one likes the irritation created during the game. But this is one of the best strategies to earn money from the game’s applications. Additionally, it encourages players to upgrade to the premium version, free of advertisements.

4. Freemium

The premium apps are initially accessible to users as a no-cost version, with no additional charges. When users start investigating the game’s features and are willing to put time and effort into playing, they will request that you purchase an upgrade version. It’s the most popular monetization strategy because it allows users to analyze and appreciate the benefits of mobile games.

The Wrapping Up

Making a mobile game is an excellent process that requires an experienced team of professionals. The choice of the best Mobile game design firm is a crucial choice that determines how you will proceed with your game on mobile. Be sure to receive outstanding high-quality work at the price you’re paying. Look at various mobile app development companies and pick the one that provides top-quality services for a reasonable price.


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