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How You Can Lower Invisalign Pain During Treatment

Thank goodness, the hassles of wires and brackets patients undergo with traditional braces is now a thing of the past as a better, convenient alternative is found in Invisalign. Most of the patients who get orthodontic care at Smile Works Dental are glad that an option that offers more convenience and zero self-consciousness is available in clear aligners.

So many questions are asked concerning Invisalign, how uncomfortable it can be, and what can be done to lower the pain. This blog post will highlight pain during Invisalign treatment, what to expect, and how to alleviate the discomfort.

Does Invisalign cause pain?

When getting Invisalign, this is a major question patients ask. The simple answer is that Invisalign doesn’t bring pain, but your teeth may be sore after wearing them.

Liken this it the conventional braces. The teeth are put under pressure when the metal wires and brackets go in. This usually causes some level of discomfort. Also, when braces are tightened, patients feel pain.

Orthodontic care with Invisalign is just like the traditional braces regarding the pressure exerted on the teeth. Though by design, Invisalign is much more convenient than braces, you will still experience some discomfort because your teeth is new to the feel, and movement is happening.

Over what time does Invisalign pain exist?

When you first wear your aligners or have them switched with a new set, it is usual to experience discomfort over the next couple of days. As it’s expected with Invisalign, a new set of aligners are worn every two weeks; you should keep in mind that you’ll feel uncomfortable within this period as you change aligners. However, as your teeth get used to the clear aligners, the discomfort will ease, and you will feel more relaxed having them in.

During Invisalign treatment, you can adopt these tips to get through without much pain:

  1. Keep wearing your aligners as recommended. The more time you spend wearing your trays, the faster your treatment reaches the timeline. Another advantage of this is that your teeth align quicker as the trays get to stay right in for the required time. Don’t forget that you need to take out the trays before eating, brushing or drinking anything apart from water.
  2. Drink cold water or use ice cubes. You can enjoy cold water with your trays on to alleviate soreness around the teeth. You may even suck on ice cubes but don’t bite down on them while wearing your trays.
  3. Wear a new set of aligners at night. There’s no denying the fact that switching aligners come with the most pain. Based on this, we advise you to change into new trays at night before you sleep. Doing this allows you not to feel the pain since you will be fast asleep. And you will wake up feeling less pain than experiencing the worst during the day.
  4. Soft foods are the best. Following the use of a new set of trays, it’s advised you eat soft foods. This will not aggravate the typical soreness of your teeth being sensitive. You may eat hard foods when your teeth have overcome the sensitivity.
  5. Use over-the-counter painkillers if the need arises. Many patients can go through Invisalign pain, but you must go ahead and take over-the-counter painkillers if it becomes necessary.

What should I do when Invisalign pain doesn’t go away?

You need to contact a skilled dentist at Smile Works Dental, should it be that the pain doesn’t subside during Invisalign treatment. You will get more comprehensive dental care after they have diagnosed your concern.

Need to know more about Invisalign?

With our team of professional dentists at Smile Works Dental, knowing more about Invisalign, how it works, if it’s suitable for you, and cheap Invisalign London is easy. You can simply book an appointment with us and ask as many questions as you have about Invisalign, and we will be glad to answer and tell you more. Reach out to us today!

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