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Picking Up Your Car – The Perfect Rental Experience

Rental Experience: With all that planning done, it’s time to take a break and take a trip and enjoy the experience. Once you’ve arrived at the destination, make sure you go at the desk of rental to pick up your keys. Before you embark on your journey on the road there are some things to be aware of to prevent problems and ensure your journey is smooth and stress-free.

Procedure for removing the vehicle One of the most important things is to examine the vehicle closely to see the presence of any previous damages that are not noted on the form for withdrawal. Any scratches or dents must be noted on the vehicle’s check-out sheet, regardless of whether they are tiny. We recommend that you go through the window, tires, and panels in depth and then take photographs with the staff of the rental company in order to have evidence in the event of an issue later.

Make sure that the tank of gas is filled In most instances, you’ll pick up the vehicle with the tank full and return it full. Before you leave make sure you check the tire pressure and ensure that your belts are in good working order. Also, check the operation of your radio air conditioning, the radio and GPS.

In terms of the practicalities of driving the vehicle we’ve listed below a few questions that are able to be addressed by the employees of the rental company prior to your departure:

How do I turn on my ignition? (Modern automobiles have brand different ignition mechanisms, therefore it’s better to understand what the system does!)
  • How do I remove the cap for fuel?
  • What type of fuel does your car make use of?
  • How do I switch on the lights and headlights after it is dark?
  • What can I do to turn off the windshield in the event rain?
  • What is your spare tire (spare tire)?
  • How do I turn on the heater or air conditioner?
  • Is there a petrol station close to the rental company?
  • What is the best place to return the vehicle?

What number should I dial in the event of an emergency? Do you offer 24-hour emergency assistance?


The long-awaited moment is here! It’s time to get on the road! When booking a car most of our customers have already imagined the scenery and landscapes they’ll be able to enjoy on their trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a peaceful drive along Route 66 or an exhilarating excursion through the Great Ocean Road in Australia You’ll be able be amazed by stunning landscapes that will make you swoon.

WHAT happens if …?

So, What happens if something goes wrong in the course of your journey? What do you do if your vehicle suddenly went out of service or you’d accidentally forgotten keys in your car? Both of these scenarios are more frequent than you imagine and are likely to occur to you.

Rental Experience: The most straightforward method is to call assistance on the road. Find out if this assistance can be included within the fee or has to be paid for separately. Learn about the emergency number and keep it on close at hand. For more details, read our blog about breakdowns and accidents .


Have ever considered where you could park your car rental on your journey to bustling metropolises such as London, Rome or New York? We suggest that you take the time to prepare your trip ahead of time. Sometimes even if it’s more money, it’s best to park your vehicle in a private parking lot particularly in large cities where rental cars can be a prime to target for thieves. Another option is to find a hotel which has parking on the premises.

The fastest route is not always the best option!

GPS-based logan car services that the most efficient route is always the most efficient? GPS devices are certainly an excellent modern convenience however, they aren’t always the most beautiful or enjoyable route to take. Take a look at the route and determine whether there are any tourist destinations nearby which are worth a detour away from the route you’re planning to take. In the end, it’s often better to avoid major roads and choose an alternative route for an exciting and enjoyable experience.


After a few thrilling days of traveling and adventure, it was finally time to get the car back and start working. However, there are certain aspects that you must remember before you hand over the keys at the company that rents your car.


While it might seem obvious, make sure you return the vehicle at the time stipulated in the rental contract. Returning the vehicle after hours could create difficulties to the renting company and could result in the payment of a fine. Certain rental companies provide drop boxes that allows you to pick up the vehicle after hours of operation. This service is available only if you request and agree by the Rental Company in advance. If you choose this option you’ll only need to depart the car in the location you were informed by the rental agency and place the keys in the box. For more details, check out our blog post to learn more about.

Do I have to return the VEHICLE with a full tank?

Fuel Policy Fuel is a different aspect to be considered when returning your rental car procedure, particularly when you pick up the car with the tank full. The most popular fuel choice, if you rent through US and Canada, is the full-to-full policy . The car is delivered with a fully tank of fuel, and it must be returned in a similar amount. It is always a good idea to inquire whether there’s a gas station nearby to the drop off point. If, for whatever reason, it’s impossible to fill the tank prior to taking the car back, then the most unfortunate thing you can do is you’ll have to pay the company that refuels for the rent at a more expensive cost, as well as an additional refueling charge.

Rental Experience: Sometimes , the gauge for fuel on the dashboard is not indicating whether the tank’s filled even though it’s. In such a case, as it is a good idea to stay clear of any miscommunication with the rental company it is recommended to keep the receipt from refueling in order for use as proof should you have doubts.

Is the car you rented safe?

When you return the keys back to your rental firm Make sure you get an official document that confirms that there was there was no damage to the vehicle (other other than the damage that had already been noted at the time of pick-up) in addition to ensuring that your fuel gauge shows it is fully filled. . If you have questions inquire with the staff of the rental company prior to you leave the property.

Customer Service – Post Rental How do you get IN CONTACT?

If you encounter any issues questions after returning your vehicle, make contact with our customer support department by filling in the form . Any concern or issue should be addressed within 90 days of the day the vehicle was returned. After that time, US will be unable to help.

We hope you find these tips helpful to take on your next trip, and you find the process of hiring a Birmingham car service will be simpler the next time. If you’re still having more questions, we recommend you check out our travel advice guide or look through our FAQ section . You can also reach our booking agents 7 every day of the week. Call us or email us.

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