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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: the age of maturity

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra needs to be the ideal ally to further develop your efficiency while giving a general client experience in all viewpoints. A tempting guarantee that we challenge in this exhaustive test.


I once in a while will generally compose long cobblestones about the plan of premium cell phones to best portray what our regarded per users ought to anticipate. Presently, with this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we could summarize it all before long. The gadget is huge and weighty, yet all the same actually quite all around planned.

Recollect the size of the telephone: 164.8 mm in stature. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra hence figures out how to be marginally bigger than the Note 10+, which is as of now very forcing. Its weight of 208 grams doesn’t further develop matters for the people who incline toward contained or conservative organizations. Nonetheless, it is significant not to think about these angles as imperfections. For this new delegate of the reach who concocted the idea of phablets, being tall and gigantic is essential for its DNA. It would resemble scrutinizing a second line in rugby for being the tallest in his group.

What’s more, it will be reviewed that the S20 Ultra showed a considerably more noteworthy mass on the scale. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are not scared of this part of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you will partake in an item all around focused on and whose aluminum outline fits pleasantly in the center of your hand. In any case, don’t anticipate being astonished all things considered. The tasteful embraced by the telephone is in accordance with what Samsung has as of late proposed.


The screen of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a few shocks in store since it is the absolute first of the brand to profit from a versatile revive rate. Along these lines, to exploit the 120 Hz mode , you will just see it in real life on your computer game meetings or on the One UI interface. Any other way, the framework will naturally change the quantity of pictures to show each second as per the open applications. It would thus be able to go down to just 10 Hz on still pictures or on informal organizations.

The thought here is to save battery. On paper, it is fairly all around seen and the entirely apparent impression of smoothness of 120 Hz is felt in the important minutes. A valid statement for this 6.9-inch AMOLED screen whose definition can go up to QHD + on the off chance that you wish, regardless of whether it isn’t exceptionally important. The board intrigues specifically with its capacity to offer an exceptionally high greatest brilliance – by and by, I have never seen a telephone hit so hard around here.


One UI 2. Samsung’s home point of interaction is as yet incredible to utilize. In view of Android 10, it is very wealthy in customizations, natural with a decent plan and offers the consistently welcome choices of dim mode and the two signal route frameworks (the one planned by Google or the one planned by the southern goliath. Korean).

A little token of the DNA of this connection point: it has been exceptionally intended for enormous screens and, with this evenhanded, numerous communication components of the framework are brought all together down to be more straightforward to access during use. with one hand. Likewise, a one-gave mode is additionally clearly part of the game. This consideration is especially apparent on a gadget as forcing as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


The superstar, notwithstanding, stays the S Pen pointer. First fascinating oddity: the inactivity rate has been decreased to 9ms – against 42ms on the Note 10 age – , a solid point for the smoothness of the frill.

Despite the fact that we are extremely distant from the inclination that a genuine pen and a genuine piece of paper would give, it is still somewhat wonderful to compose on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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Nothing unexpected on the facial acknowledgment of this Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is dependable in perceiving the client’s face, however which doesn’t offer a safer 3D arrangement like Apple or Google.

With respect to the ultrasonic finger impression per user (more secure than the more broad optical arrangements), this one is excellent when it works, in other words the greater part of the time. Be that as it may, in a little more than seven days of utilization, on three events, the sensor didn’t perceive any of the four enlisted fingers. Each time, the issue settled itself following 20 or 30 seconds. Tragically, I have no reasonable clarification to accommodate these dysfunctions.


The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is furnished with two amazing sound system speakers which offer a wonderful spatialization of the sound. A strong and exceptionally clear solid besides on some extremely uncommon tones which can falter a tad when you push the volume up. The phone doesn’t actually supplant a versatile speaker, however to place a little pleasant environment in cookout or during an evening in little or medium board, it will actually want to get the job done.

Assuming that you use earphones or headphones, don’t spare a moment to actuate the Dolby Atmos choice which truly permits the melodies you pay attention to incorporate us. It’s anything but an extraordinary change either, however the increase in sound quality is as yet striking.


With a photograph module exceptionally propelled by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra doesn’t save any huge astonishments on this piece of the test. Here we have the accompanying design:

  • 108 megapixel primary sensor
  • 12-megapixel super wide-point
  • 12 megapixel x5 zooming focal point

All things considered, we get exceptionally pleasant pictures with an undeniable degree of detail and an all around very much overseen dynamic. The tones, in the interim, are exceptionally soaked, Samsung venerating this fairly strange treatment of photographs. However, this is ideally suited for trying Instagramers, maybe somewhat less so for those looking to dependably catch that momentary true second around us without our having the option to really see it completely through our honest eyes. far, so close (this sentence really halted at “genuine”).

We might lament a few troubles in zeroing in on specific scenes, notwithstanding the presence of a laser self-adjust.

In low light, you can feel the clamor show up obviously and solid light sources, like streetlamps, are not in every case unmistakably made due. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra actually knows how to protect a decent degree of detail to give a picture that stays extremely agreeable in spite of everything.

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While not quite so fulfilling as a Snapdragon 865, Samsung’s Exynos 990 works really hard generally speaking as far as unadulterated execution. On the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the chip is joined by 12 GB of RAM and, obviously, you won’t have any issues consistently to run your applications easily.

Be that as it may, in an asset escalated game like Fortnite, framerate drops happened on my games during extremely energized arrangements. For instance, by turning the camera vivaciously during a parachute hop or in a vehicle, I went from 30 to 19 or 20 fps. Somewhat of a disgrace, yet an update carried out by Samsung should work on the exhibition of the gadget. Maybe this detail will be settled because of this.

Meanwhile, know that Fortnite can’t for the second go past the 30 pictures showed each second on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. You can likewise not select “epic” mode for the degree of illustrations which covers at “high” . The in-game experience is thusly excellent in itself. However maybe not yet at the degree of what a cell phone at 1300 euros should offer.

Available for potential emergencies of Duty Mobile, zero concerns. The game, better streamlined for cell phones, runs impeccably.


You can last an entire day with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Regardless of whether you use it effectively with the versatile 120 Hz mode actuated. Absolutely, however no different either way, the 4500 mAh battery is still a little close. When you begin to open a few applications, something that you will deduced. Need to do assuming you utilize the gadget as a work apparatus.

This has been to some extent the case lately. Normally, during my regularly scheduled drives to work. I would take out the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the tram to peruse. And other news destinations by means of Chrome, counsel the conversations on Slack. As of now take a few notes (with the pointer or no). Alter a Google Sheets record for work or even actually take a look at my letter drop. All while paying attention to my melodies on YouTube Music through a Bluetooth sound association.

Somewhat more than 20 minutes after the fact, after showing up. The phone for the most part went from 100 to 88 or 89%. For the duration of the day, I would message (SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger). Take a couple of pictures, check my informal organizations and start a YouTube video during my mid-day break. Generally I was under 60% by early afternoon. I was simply playing a couple of games intentionally, going to TikTok. And proceeding to pay attention to music. Taking off to join my companions for a beverage prior to heading home. I generally ended up with 30-20% battery staying when of 20 hours. It’s OK, yet it’s reasonable.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is viable with all 4G recurrence groups in USA. You won’t experience any issues at this level. By and by, with an Orange SIM, it was uniquely in a couple of metro stations. That I had little trouble getting to the Internet.

The telephone is additionally viable with the 5G organization. Both on sub-6 GHz frequencies and on millimeter waves which might be utilized later in USA.

Call quality on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is brilliant: individuals I addressed could hear my words obviously. Without irritating pressure, and the clamors around me were impeccably constricted. Aside from the voices of individuals talking close to me who could be seen for a brief time frame when I talked. We envision that the receiver takes simply a small part of one moment. To obviously recognize my voice from those of others.

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