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SMS Marketing: Expo Promotion with Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing: Building a lasting relationship with loyal customers is much easier and less difficult than building a new one. In order to have a lasting relationship with a loyal customer, your brand must prioritize engagement and/or communication. To do this, you need to use numerous messaging channels from email to SMS, internet notifications, etc.

SMS is a great medium because of its mobile nature and the immediacy of messaging. You can send balance updates, order notifications, or promotions, in general, to help build customer loyalty.

Bulk SMS is a fantastic tool for promoting broadcast events – it’s smart, interactive, and actively promoting audience engagement, revenue generation, and lead generation.
In addition to promoting your exhibition profitably to the right audience, sending bulk SMS is also helpful in making your exhibition more interactive and maintaining interest and engagement as the event progresses.

Exhibitors participate for many reasons: to test and possibly buy new products or services, for trade associations, to network, get to know each other, check the competition, see what is happening on the market or just buy merchandise. for free.

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These types of exhibitions include industry-specific exhibitions such as computer exhibitions, trade shows, global trade shows, conferences, seminars, trade shows, conferences, etc. There are also special events that take place at trade shows such as central notices that are generated by the use of SMS by the Organizers can improve attendance and attendance.

Through bulk SMS, audience engagement, communication, and feedback are maximized.

SMS Marketing: Use bulk SMS for live events in the following ways:

  • Pre-event SMS via voluntary subscription to promote the event with near-perfect opening prices. Invite attendees to ask questions via SMS.
  • Provide links to important information.
  • Offer vouchers for attending the event at
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Send emergency notifications of timetable changes, bad weather, or other important information when they occur
  • Automate meeting announcements to increase attendance
  • Increase audience engagement at the event with short survey codes in real-time
  • Combine attendees with relevant meetings and even vacancies
  • Receive post-event polls by SMS
  • Collect and analyze data on return on investment (ROI).

Live polling

Live polls deserve special mention. Gather real-time statistics from attendees as your event evolves. Maximize your audience’s loyalty and keep them engaged and active. By receiving real-time feedback, your real-time SMS survey enables you to deliver an enhanced, relevant and engaging experience to your audience. It also helps you plan future events.

SMS marketing can be a profitable and valuable tool to not only promote your event, but also to increase the interest, effectiveness, and interaction of attendees and organizers. There’s no easier way to get your audience from one event to the next.


Thousands of companies are realizing the powerful benefits of SMS marketing. Used by top real estate agents, growing churches, successful eCommerce brands, and all middlemen.

Despite its popularity, SMS remains one of the most widely used marketing channels. This has great benefits for companies willing to try it out. There has never been a better time to start now.

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