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Study MBBS in UK Requirements and Admission Process


MBBS is an elective course in the UK among other courses. Medical universities in the UK claim to be the 2nd highest Nobel laureate in MBBS. The migration of foreign students is increasing every year.  Let’s check study MBBS in UK requirements and admission process, and why to choose study MBBS in UK only.

Is MBBS in UK a Good Option?

If you have strong dreams and aspirations focused on a career in MBBS, MBBS in UK is a good option for you. It will give you a successful career in MBBS.

MBBS in UK for Indian Students

Studying MBBS in the UK is a competitive course for Indians as well as international students. However, the quality of education provided by UK medical universities is much better than any other university in the world.

Recognitions of MBBS Degree From UK

Most of the reputable medical professionals are from UK medical universities. The MBBS degree from the UK is also recognized by the MCI and the Board of Directors of the World Council. MBBS in UK for Indian students is in trend because recognitions of MBBS degree from UK is valid all over the world.

  • The UK is known around the world for its excellent medical information.
  • MBBS training in the UK provides students with a number of useful career guidance opportunities, including an international level, a high standard of education with the most exciting medical technology and advanced methodology.
  • Students receive a postgraduate degree in MBBS with internationally recognized qualifications.
  • Medical courses in the UK are led by FRCP / FRCS & MRCP / MRCS experts.
  • UK medical students will have the opportunity to earn world-renowned MRCS / MRCP diplomas.
  • Professional training is provided by experts at NHS (National Health Service) hospitals.
  • The curriculum and structure of MBBS in UK universities is slightly different from the Indian program. As already mentioned in the introduction, here the degree of MB is given, which corresponds to the student as a medical doctor. This is the minimum qualification required to work as a doctor in the UK.

MBBS Degree From UK

  • In addition to MB, the best UK universities offer other degrees such as BS, ChB or B. Ch, which means a bachelor’s degree in surgery. Also, these degrees are equal and the student will be eligible to act as a surgeon upon graduation.
  • Students interested in obstetrics must pass part of the obstetrics exam. The degree awarded after the qualification of this exam is known as BAO (Bachelor of Obstetrics).
  • Thus, MBBS in the UK is equivalent to MBBS (BS, ChB or Bch), BAO depending on the university where you are studying your medical degree. Here BAO is optional depending on the interest of the students.
  • The United Kingdom is located in north western Europe. Also, it is commonly known as Britain or the United Kingdom because it includes the British Isles, which include Wales, England and Scotland. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is a leading financial and commercial center around the world.
  • The United Kingdom (UK) has created noteworthy contributions to the world economy, exclusively in industry and technology. As a result, it is the most prominent cultural center, including literature, theatre, film, television in all corners of the country.
  • The United Kingdom has a single parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The major cities of the United Kingdom include Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool. The United Kingdom is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a member of the European Union.
  • The climate of the United Kingdom depends on the patterns of atmospheric circulation. Temperatures from north to south warm up to 4 degrees in the January isotherm. As a result, the average annual temperature in the south-west of England ranges from 8 degrees to 11 degrees.

MBBS Admission in the UK

Below are the basic steps for applying to the MBBS course in the UK

Step 1:

“Choose Your University” will help you in choosing a UK medical university.

Step 2:

Prepare your original documents, which have been legally authorized by the authorities. If you are from a non-EU country, then you must apply to universities by September 1 and June 30 (per semester). If you are from an EU country, then apply by January 15th.

Step 3:

Register on the UCAS website to fill out and submit your application form. All applicants must apply through the UCAS portal.

Step 4:

After confirmation of admission in UK, apply for the immigration procedure for study or work in UK. After receiving the invitation letter go to the British Embassy in Delhi.

Step 5:

Announce your admission date to the UK Medical University. The university sends an official representative to meet the student at the airport.

Criteria Required for MBBS in UK

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age or older to apply for the MBBS program.
  • UK medical colleges conduct tests such as the UK Clinical Ability Test (UKCAT) or the Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) according to the college or university.
  • Students must receive high marks to enroll in the MBBS course in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.


  • Certified copies of Class X and XII grade sheets
  • Invitation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Copy of valid passport
  • English Language Certificate (IELTS / UKCAT / BMAT)
  • Passport size photos

Proof Of English Language for International Students

To enroll in any UK college, you need to take IELTS now. The test tests your listening, speaking, and writing skills. The final average score for most of the highest colleges in the UK is 6.5.

Now, what if you don’t reach the maximum in IELTS & 10 + 2?

Students who do not meet the above scores in 10 + 2 or IELTS must complete a 1-year core course. In this course, one must score at least 75% and perform well in the GD / PI round in order to enter international programs. In case you fail to provide 75%, you will have the opportunity to enter an internationally recognized three-year biomedical research degree.

Visa Program Process for UK

Once you have decided on the course you want to study, the next step is to get a UK student visa.

To meet all the requirements, you need the following documents

  • Your passport and the same copy.
  • Last photo.
  • A letter of consent from your university or college is required.
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Evidence of financial condition
  • A non-EU or Swiss student may also request an additional ATAS certificate.


UKCAT is a clinical aptitude test in the UK conducted by UK medical universities through UCAS to accept candidates.


The Biomedical Admission Test is an entrance exam conducted by 7 UK medical schools. Students must register on the UCAS website to take the exam.


This is a general entrance exam that applies to all courses, including MBBS. Also, international students can take this test before applying through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for study in UK.

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