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What happens when You Visit the Sexual health Clinic in London

Your trip at the clinic should be easy and convenient when you go there for your sexual health clinic in London. It might be really difficult when you visit for the first time and these questions can make things comfortable for you.

Is the service free of cost?

Yes, this consists of any treatment that you might require.

 Will my personal details remain private? Is this service confidential?

All your personal information stored in the computer will remain confidential. It may sometimes be used for sharing your records with the private GP but we won’t do it without your consent. We would enquire id you are happy with you to text you or send letters at your home address.

If you are within 13 to 15 years, then you possess the same rights of an adult. So, we will not tell your parents or others without seeking your permission.

The only time we would tell another professional what you had told us is when we are highly concerned about your safety or welfare. This means if:

  • You are below 18 years and inform us about someone who has abused you physically, emotionally or sexually
  • You are under or 12 years and inform about someone who has had sex with you
  • Your life seems to be at greater risk
  • You inform us about someone below 18 years who is abused
  • Another person’s life is at risk

How Do I Book an Appointment in The Sexual Health Clinic in London?

You may use our online services and booking line for scheduling your urgent appointments. Also, you can get advice related to your sexual health by dialling our number 020 73599880.

Stay at home when you have the symptoms of coronavirus

If you are having any symptoms related to coronavirus along with constant cough, loss of sense of smell and high temperature, then you will be advised to remain at home for 7 days.  You should not visit a Sexual Health Clinic, GP surgery, hospital or pharmacy. But you can contact us at 111 for further advice.

In case you have booked an urgent appointment at one of our sexual health clinics, you need to check this important advice:

  • Do not attend the clinic when you have the probable symptoms of COVID-19
  • Ask your friends or relatives to wait outside the building.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. Use a sanitiser gel when soap and water are not there.
  • Carry tissues with you and use them while sneezing or coughing. Make sure you throw the tissue, wash hands properly or use a sanitiser gel.
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose without washing your hands.

What can happen when I reach?

A receptionist welcomed you and note down your name and other important details. She may be asked you to take a seat and wait for your name to be called. You are advised to follow any safety instructions and social distancing measures during the visit.

What should I do when the receptionist asks questions that are difficult to answer?

In case you do not feel comfortable at any time, you may ask the receptionist to find a private area to talk. We have prompt sheets on our desks so that you can show them on the sheet without saying a word when you do not want.

Can I take my family or friends with me?

Regretfully, we do not allow family members and friends to accompany you during the appointment.

What happens when I asked to visit the doctor or nurse?

The doctor or nurse will ask you some questions based on your medical record and check your blood pressure as well as weight.

If you require condoms or other contraception such as pills, then you will be guided on how to use them properly. When you need a contraception for long term such as injection or implant, we will explain in details how they actually work and discuss all possible options with you.

Do I have to get examined?

Based on the reason why you have visited the clinic, you will be asked to get examined. This will be discussed with you by the doctor or nurse at the gum clinic in London.

What samples might I be asked to give?

When going for sexual health screening to detect probable infections, we might ask you for your blood sample, urine sample, anal or oral swab based on the kind of sex you enjoyed and vaginal sample. You will be in full control of the situation and the samples for which you give consent, will be taken.  Make sure you drink lots of water and eat properly before the appointment.

Can swabs hurt me?

No, they will be taken with a cotton bud and this might be somewhat uncomfortable but not painful at all.

How can I attain my desired results?

We will be texting you the result within 10 working days after you visit the clinic or when you book your test online,.SH:24 will be texting the result directly to you within a few days after conducting your test.

In case you are using a new mobile number, you should confirm the details as we will be depending on this for contacting you.

Is it possible for me to get condoms only?

Yes, we have an online postal condom service for free due to the restrictions of COVID-19 for people not to visit the clinic. You are allowed to order at least 12 condoms as well as 4 lube in a month. The service can be availed for the ones above 13 years.

What should I do when I am concerned about other health problems?

We would like to take into consideration everything that contribute to your present situation including sexual health. We would like to discuss in details about your personal as well as social circumstances that include – smoking, alcohol, mental condition, drugs, weight, finance or housing.

Thus, our private GP practice in London will take care of your sexual health and ask you to perform some tests from time to time when you visit the clinic.

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