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What Is More Important: Money Or Humanity?


Money is just an idea, an illusion, and its value is not real, determined only by how much value we assign to it…or, at least, the money as we currently understand it. The fact that money is an illusion does nothing to diminish its importance. In other words, the priority given to money is inconsistent with our conception of human nature.

Needless to say, now it is obvious that human behavior regarding money coupled with the challenges posed by the world is leading us towards our destruction, unless we shift our attitudes, behaviors, and engagements in order to change for the better. For generations, transformations of times have seen humanity start their journeys into life by being educated about humility and humanity, but ultimately finish this education by being motivated by earning money, even if that means disregarding loyalty, goodwill, and consideration.

The philosophy of money may have some contribution to making humankind better, and to helping individuals to remember that the measure of all things >> should always be man. Money can, as the song goes, turn the world on its head, encouraging the kind of hard work. And resourcefulness that leads to economic success.

What is “Money”?

My argument is that one of the most important social innovations in human history is money. Without any hard evidence, this book is built around a strong conviction that money is one of the most important innovations in human history visit us, and thus worthy of further investigation, particularly since the form of money is now being transformed into something quite different than we are used to.

Given the importance of analyzing the flows of money and market situations. We must nevertheless agree that this is not sufficient for unlocking the mysteries of money and understanding its role in society. Given the significant role that money seems to play in the behavior and productivity of individuals. It is said by the authors that more studies to assess its effects on the psychology of individuals will be useful to researchers. Modern economics (economics) treats money as a medium of exchange >>, a medium designed to promote exchange, and this is where it has a critical importance >>.

As seduction and temptation, it functions as an examination of human morality. The negative effects and the perceptions about money has grown to a level where we can even see that human beings cut off love. Marrying people also because of money, either because parents are inclined to get and take large amounts of money in order to push their children to get married. Because a prospective couple chooses to tie the knot, having financial agendas in mind. Money can even strain a personal relationship, as shown by new research.

What is “Humanity”?

Some humanities graduates shared the beliefs of those in other fields about. Whether they could use more money, but just a few. In return, participants in a study that were led to think about their own human nature. And about how humans differ from robots, were less likely to priorities money over other goals.

I never think money is more important than humanity. So I would not be able to say why. In my opinion, humanity comes first than money. We are humans after all. We should have some moral/ethical values. Every thing is not possible with money. I accept money is a need to live. But it’s not the only need. It’s needed to live a decent life that’s it. Humanity is most important than money. Humanity and Money are inbuilt in human’s life but choosing depends on time and situation.

Money is dire need and necessary devil. Humanity is the quality of a person towards his fellow human beings. Consider a situation, where a person is struggling in mid sea due to capsize of the boat in which he traveled. But another boat man on seeing this he wants to rescue the victim but he doesn’t know swimming. Though he has humanity to save the person, he could not do, he is helpless click here.

Human Unity

Consider another situation, a man is admitting his pregnant wife for delivery, that time his friend needed money and asked him to help. Here, delivery is important and money for the hospital charges. He chose not to help his friend, his humanity became less important. I don’t think money is important than humanity because money cant buy the love. Which we pursue by giving love to people. They say money can but everything but happiness cant pe purchase in market .Showing love to people can buy happiness. Humanity is such a thing that can be used to connect people’s heart.

For a moment, let’s explore the key difference between “Money” and “Humanity”. In relation to the world we live in today. We also need to explore the consequence in reference to the impact they have on our lives in a constant changing world, Wars, hatred, religion, un-employment, and so forth.  So on are factors that are contributing to accelerating the end of our world as we know it. Hence, let’s explore the roles and true meaning of what the word “Humanity” means in the context of our lives nowadays.


Can we ignore the mathematical formulas? Off course not. One plus one is equal to two and at present statistics are staring us straight in the face. We have a strong exponential population explosion in the world the likes of china. Who just removed the legal law of having one child per family. Now, it is open for them to have as many children they can offered. India is growing in rate that is close behind china as an example. Hence, population explosion in line of food chain demand is becoming scarce more. Governments in the world are trying to find alternatives to our food chain that can meet the high demands in the foreseen future.

Money is not everything, but money is something very important. Beyond the basic needs, money helps us achieve our life’s goals and supports. The things we care about most deeply — family, education, health care, charity, adventure and fun. It helps us get some of life’s intangibles — freedom or independence. The opportunity to make the most of our skills and talents, the ability to choose our own course in life, financial security.

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