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A New Collection Of Kitchen And Dinnerware Encourages Eating Together

In order to promote more family mealtimes, Bed Bath & Beyond is introducing today a new collection of modern Bed Bath And Beyond Cookware, Bed Bath And Beyond Dinnerware called Our TableTM. Exclusive to Bed Bath & Beyond, Our Table provides a fashionable and useful range of cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, tablecloths, kitchen appliances, and more. The launch of Our Table heralds a momentous time in which many customers are preparing to entertain guests once more, swap recipes, and share meals.

To prepare a new or favorite dish, spruce up any table setting, and streamline kitchen cleanup, Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware, Dinnerware, and Table provide everything you need. The collection is made from natural materials like wood and marble as well as updated classics like metal finishes. While high-performance, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, & antibacterial materials like silicone & stainless steel are used for kitchen essentials, these materials also speak to contemporary culinary trends through smart updates, clean lines, or a focus on function.

The prices of Bed Bath and Beyond cookware and dinnerware are competitive and reasonable. You may use a bed bath and beyond coupons to get discounts on the pricing of the products, which range from around $5 for silicone whisks to $120 for just a 10-piece stainless steel cookware set. Allow hosts to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for family and friend gatherings.

The Kitchen Table Indicates Happiness & Love

At this crucial time, Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware and Dinnerware thrilled to announce the opening of Our Table. After spending much too much time apart, many of us are eager to welcome visitors back into our homes, according to Joe Hartig, executive vice president, and chief merchandiser at Bed Bath and Beyond and president of Harmon Stores, Inc.

Our Table collection was created with the intention of encouraging people to mingle more & spend more time with their loved ones, in addition to being useful. Our Table is a representation of the love and joy that food can bring to both our own kitchens and the communities in which we live. Whether it be by discovering new recipes. passing down family customs or simply gathering at the table to eat.

Something From Our Table

The collection’s signature items include:

Kitchen 10-Piece Sets Of Cookware

These come in stainless steel, forged aluminum, and anodized aluminum. You can cook comfortably with each set. All three options offer quick or even retention for reliable cooking results. They are all made to used regularly on all stovetops. A 1.5 qt. saucepan with lid, a 2 qt. saucepan with lid, an 8′′ and a 10′′ fry pan, a 3 qt. sauté pan with lid, or a 6 qt. Dutch ovens with covers all included in each set.

Cookware contains induction-compatible discs with good heat retention and nonstick surfaces for simple food release and quick cleaning. Because the inside is ceramic and non-stick, you may cook with less butter and oil while still having a simple cleanup process. Cookware from Bed Bath and Beyond. The transparent glass top on the Bed Bath & Beyond dinnerware keeps heat and moisture in while letting you monitor the cooking process. The measuring marks on saucepans or Dutch ovens make it easy to add and reduce ingredients.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Irons And Enamelled Cast Iron

The side handles on these cookware alternatives are sturdy for a secure hold even when completely loaded. They have a long-lasting cast iron construction for better heat retention and even cooking. Both work with a variety of stoves, including induction stoves. Each has distinguishing qualities like:

Enameled Cast Iron

Its colorful graduated enamel exterior surface makes the transition from stovetop/oven cooking into dinner table display seamlessly. which has sufficient strength for daily use. Heat and moisture are prevented from escaping by the matching cast iron lid of stainless steel grip. The inner enamel’s smooth, cream-colored surface is cleanable.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

This cast iron is in good condition and prepared for usage. Food easily released thanks to its inherently nonstick qualities, which get better with use.

Choice of Bakeware

Bed Bath and Beyond’s dependable, professional-grade cookware. Bed Bath and Beyond dinnerware is never intended to rust and is made to handle rapid and even heat dispersion. The recipes have a more homemade feel because of the variety of substitutes, which include conventional sheet & cake pans, ceramic ramekins, or rectangle bakers. With the nonstick inside option, food releases & cleaning are really straightforward.

Bed Bath and Beyond Modern Dinnerware Collection

The Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware and Dinnerware Collection offer appealing contemporary elegance for the modern table. A 16-piece dinnerware set and serveware are included in the package. and extras like a teapot, a sugar bowl, a creamer dish, salt & pepper shakers, etc. Available in shades of truffle, toast, sea salt, and pepper.

Daily and a few kitchen linens

Everything you’ll need to maintain a clean workspace while cooking.

Everyday Kitchen Linens from Our Table

Together with 100% cotton kitchen towels, includes useful mess-wicking and incredibly absorbent 100% cotton dishcloths, potholders, & oven mitts.

Kitchen linens from Our Table Select

To help you mop up accidents, these plush, absorbent big kitchen towels constructed of a cotton blend. Cotton chambray oven mittens with terry inside and silicone grip for ultimate comfort. Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware are for the home cook. Aprons made of cotton & chambray are available in the Bed Bath or Beyond dinnerware collection. Everything you’ll need to maintain a clean workspace while cooking.

Table Linens

With the right tableware from Our Table, stylish and contemporary table linens may enhance any table setting for special events or everyday use. You can use one of the Bed Bath & Beyond Dinnerware or Cookware table runners to set your table. Another excellent option is to use placemats and tablecloths to decorate your table. And napkins with a light texture from the Textured series.

Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

Cookware from Bed Bath & Beyond and dinnerware from Bed Bath & Beyond Have every piece of gear required to prepare delicious meals. Nothing left untouched, not even mixing bowls with measuring markings. Silicone spatulas, stainless steel measuring cups, as well as other accessories.

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