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Drawing a Three Point Perspective Made Simple

Three-Point Perspective Looking Up

The three point perspective view occurs when you stand at the end of a building and search! And at the same time, the other sides of the building are also smaller. The corner closest to us seemed to be the highest.

An Extra Set of Vanishing Lines

When we try two perspective points, we need two missing points and two sets of lines to draw horizontal moves with us in each direction. To attract them to the three-point perspective, we need to add an extra missing point at a point above (or below, if you draw something looking down). Tracing the edges and lines in this tower and releasing them, we can see the missing lines coming from each direction – eventually, they meet at the missing points. The lower two disappearing points do not fit on the page.

A Simple Box with 3 Point Perspective

Now we will draw a simple box in the perspective of three points. This will help you get the mechanics sorted, and from there, you can play with different angles and shapes. To start, we need a horizon line and three disappearing points – two on the horizon and one above us. Notice how the horizon shifts beneath your field of vision if you look – you can see more of the sky. So we changed the horizon to very low. Draw a light vertical (straight up and down) line from your top vanishing point.

Since I needed to fit the tutorial into a small space, my missing points were close together. It gives the effect a bit like using a wide-angle lens, which distorts the matter – you can get a more realistic result by spacing your points further apart. You can try to tape an extra piece of paper to the top and sides of your working sheet so you can put your missing points away.

Box Making

Next messy draw some construction lines. Start at the left vanishing point, straight to about 1/3 of the way up the vertical line, back down to the right vanishing point. The marks on the top and bottom edges of your box. Now draw two lines from the best vanishing point. But something like the ones in the example; will mark the front left and back in the right corner of the box.

Finishing the Outline of the 3D Box

Now to finish cool drawings the 3D box. Draw a line from the lower back corner to the left disappearing point. And draw one from the lower-left corner to the proper earthquake. You can see how they converge to form the back corner and bottom of the box.

The Completed Box in Three-Point Perspective

Eliminate your work lines and reinforce the lines that mark the sides of the box. Shading the sides of the box can help make it look more three-dimensional; use a darker tone underneath. You can also follow perspective shading, repulsion directed guarding the direction of perspective, helping you create your three-dimensional illusion. As I mentioned before, the vicious loss of points is negligible in this box. But it looks pretty cool. That’s surprisingly easy, isn’t it! Drawing a perspective is not difficult if you take it one stage at a time. Of course, this is an exact shape – more complex things can be very confusing. Practice drawing ideas with simple numbers in the perspective of three points from different angles to be confident in the technique.

When sketching a building, we don’t always construct a perspective accurately like this – but knowing how it looks will help you draw correctly. I want to indicate the basic structure, rule out some very light rules, then draw careful freedom to maintain consistency within the image. You can also utilize a straightedge (ruler or side of the book) upon the body pencil or your hand, rather than the point, to get a line that is straight but not too mechanical. Try sketching a tall building in a three-point perspective and see what works for you. Try some brick and stone textures to add interest to surfaces.

Source: Fast Web Post

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