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Health and Fitness

If pregnant women want normal delivery then do these 4 yoga asanas

Along with keeping the body healthy, yoga asanas is also very helpful in normal delivery. Most pregnant women these days want to have a normal delivery. But due to many problems in the body and the body is not fit for normal delivery, caesarean delivery has to be done. To overcome these problems and make the body fit for normal delivery, we will tell you about some yoga asanas, which lead to normal delivery. He gave detailed information about the useful yoga asanas in normal delivery and how to do it.

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First advice from doctor is necessary

The most important thing is that if the doctor refuses to do yoga and asanas to any pregnant woman, then she should not do it. At the same time, advice should be taken from the yoga instructor before doing these asanas. You should talk about your health. Let us tell you that pregnancy is the most delicate period for any woman. During that time it is very important to take care of the safety of the mother and the child. If you want to do yoga for normal delivery, then first of all you will need medical advice. Only after that you will be able to do these asanas. Doing it without the advice of a doctor and a yoga instructor is very harmful for your health as well as the health of the unborn baby.

Malasana is very beneficial

Experts say that the position in which we sit at the time of defecation is called Malasana. Due to this position, it is very useful in normal delivery. It is very beneficial for the stomach and back. It reduces abdominal and back tension. Apart from this, Malasana reduces the pain in the knees, joints. It also ends gas and constipation. Pregnant women can start this asana from the sixth month. But after taking medical advice. Let us tell you that during pregnancy, women complain of constipation a lot. By doing this, she can get rid of that problem too.

How to do it

  • Bend both knees and sit in the defecation position
  • Now inoculate the right arm’s armpit (under arm) on the right and left hand’s armpit (under pit) in the left knee.
  • Join both the hands and come in the posture of Namaskar
  • After doing this for some time now, I stay in this position.
  • then come to normal position
  • be careful in this
  • If a pregnant woman makes a mistake in Malasana, it can be harmful. The hips should not be kept above the knee while doing this asana. This worsens the position of this asana. Due to this all the weight falls on the feet. which causes harm.

Baddha Konasana and butterfly posture are also beneficial

Baddha Konasana is also known as butterfly posture. There are many benefits of doing it during pregnancy. But before doing this, you need to take training from a yoga instructor with medical advice. Doing it without the advice of experts and under their guidance can prove to be very harmful. When the legs move while doing this, it will look like butterfly wings, hence it is also called butterfly posture. It is very beneficial for pregnant women. It should be started from the first trimester of pregnancy and should be done for nine months. Should be done at least 30 to 40 times.

Learn the right way to do it:-

  • To do this, sit down with both legs bent or crossed.
  • After that join the soles of both the feet together
  • bring the heel as close as possible
  • Now bring both the knees up and down together
  • It should be done 30 to 40 times at a time
  • Take these precautions in this posture
  • This asana should not be done immediately after eating food. Keep a gap of four to six hours between food and posture. If women have periods then do not do this asana. Avoid doing this asana if you have a knee injury. High blood pressure and heart patients should do this yoga after consulting a doctor. Pregnant women should do it only under the guidance of a yoga instructor.

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Standing Squats Are Beneficial

There are several types of standing squats. Pregnant women should do basic standing squats. We do this asana standing up. That’s why it is called standing squats. This strengthens the pelvic muscles. If you are doing this for the first time, then hit fewer sets in the beginning, gradually increase the sets. Sumo squats are also very beneficial for pregnant women. In this, keeping the hands straight, go down. Before doing this, it is necessary to take medical advice and the advice of a yoga instructor.

Method of doing this asana

  • Stand straight first
  • Keep hands slightly away from shoulders
  • Bend your knee and go down
  • eep body weight on hip
  • straighten the arms and move them down
  • Keep the back straight during this exercise
  • Bend down and try to stay in this position for a while
  • Take precautions while doing this asana

Yoga instructors tell me that it should be done in the right way. Do not do pregnant squats by lifting weights. Do not put stress on the spine, arms, shoulders. The position of the body should be correct while doing squats. Pregnant women should do squats after consulting a yoga instructor.

Anulom Antonym is very beneficial

If pregnant women do Anulom Vilom, then it is beneficial for normal delivery. Due to this, blood circulation remains fine and blood pressure remains under control. Anulom Vilom removes gas from the stomach, due to which vomiting does not occur during the journey. By doing pranayama, all the blockages in our stomach are opened.


Do this asana like this:

  • First of all, sit down with a quartet, after that you will inhale through the left nostril and exhale from the right.
  • Will hold the breath inside for a while
  • If we are breathing through the left nostril in 10 seconds, then we will keep the breath in for four seconds, exhale in 12 to 14 seconds.
  • In this way, repeat this asana through the right nostril.
  • If you do this with just one hole, it will be a complete cycle.
  • While breathing, focus on the command chakra
  • Chant Om while doing this, it will give you more benefit
  • Take These Precautions While Doing It
  • Pregnant women should not hold their breath for long while doing this asana. Do this asana on an empty stomach. Do this asana four to five hours after a meal. Apart from this, it is very important to take the advice of a yoga instructor.


Take training from a yoga instructor before doing yoga

By doing yoga, you can keep the body healthy and balanced and can also achieve normal delivery. But before that it is necessary to take training from a yoga instructor. Because every person’s body is different, many people get sick and many remain healthy. To do yoga well, it is better to do yoga under the guidance of an expert first. So that wherever you are making mistakes, yoga instructors correct your mistakes. You should also seek medical advice in case of pregnancy.

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